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Cecil Champion Mexted started Mexted Motors in 1925.  He was married in September that year and their first home
was on the site of what is today, Mexted Motors south display yard.
A little earlier Cecil had started a carrying business.  This was C C Mexted Ltd and it continued successfully until his son,
Brian, sold the business in 1978.
A little earlier than 1925 Cecil had built a very large garaging area for his trucks.  These trucks were mainly large solid-tyred Thornycrofts.  The building
became very much a part of Mexted Motors and it survived the Wahine storm, while other buildings nearby lost their roofs.
Mexted Motors continued to thrive and in the 1960s Cecil’s son, Graham, gained the franchise for the distribution of Mitsubishi vehicles. 
He had already been working with Todd’s selling Plymouths, De Sotos, etc.
The next move forward was when Graham’s son, Murray, joined the firm and worked alongside his father for several years.  In 1978 Murray
organised the complete rebuild of the Mexted Motors complex.
Later Graham’s younger son, Alan, took over the running of the firm and he then took on the additional franchise for Suzuki vehicles. 
This venture has been very successful and Alan currently heads the firm.

As well as having many loyal and long-standing customers in the Tawa area, Alan and his team have sold and
serviced cars to customers across the city and its surrounding suburbs.

Alan says his point of difference is service and the trust our customers have in us. While most businesses often say that, you can see that
hassle-free motoring is a clear experience for Mexted's customers.

The process starts with buying the right vehicle. The company’s aim is to get their customers in the best possible vehicle; one that is in their price range and
one that will provide them with years of reliable and cost-effective motoring.

Suzuki and Mitsubishi are trusted brands, both offering a good range of models as well as providing the comfort
and engineering to give years of effortless motoring. 

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